Saturday, 12 January 2013

Wye River

We ventured down to Wye River. The 20 minute or so drive from Lorne to Wye River is over one of the most spectacular parts of the Great Ocean Road (it includes the bit that winds around Mt Defiance), and Wye River has a nice beach. The particular attraction for us is the hotel, which has a great deck overlooking the beach.

View from hotel deck
We have always found the food here to be good and this occasion was no exception.

After chilling out for a while on the beach, we retreated to the Wye General Store Café for coffee. I was vaguely aware that this café has had some good reviews, but it wasn't until after our visit that I followed up on these. Here's a review and here's another (this reviewer certainly seems keen on this place!  Although it's a little while ago, two reviews in seven months?   What's was going on here?)   And here are some comments (may need to scroll down).

I warmed to the comment about “pretentious inner-city yuppie food imperialism and [the Age's] hero worship of chefs as modern rock gods”. For our part, while we found it pleasant enough, I wouldn't place this café in the “rave” category. There wasn't anything special about the ambiance that can't be found  at quite a few other cafes in the region (many of which aren't level with and about four metres from a main road), and the same goes for the coffee and the food (although the latter is based on a somewhat limited observation).

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