Saturday, 26 January 2013


On the trip up to Canberra, Euroa is a good place for a first stop.   It's reached a couple of hours after leaving home so it's in about the right place for that initial boost of caffeine.   More than that, there's a great cafe there.   This is Albert's.   Good coffee, and impressive cafe food, too (focaccias and the like).  The only catch is finding it.    Although it's in the main street of Euroa, it's fairly inconspicuous.  And the main street itself is tucked away.   But, as I've said, it's all worth the effort.  

Euroa's shopping strip


  1. Is the Seven Greeks cafe still there at Euroa?

  2. "Seven Greeks"? Haven't noticed this, but now we've got a coffee card for Albert's, we may be locked in! BTW, clever take on the name of the local watercourse(s?)