Sunday, 27 January 2013

Storm in Canberra

I spent most the day at the National Gallery (both the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition - more later on this - and some of the general collection) and at the War Memorial,    But, a storm had been brewing all day and it finally broke early in the evening with torrential rain and lots of thunder and lightning just as I was picking Sue up at the festival.    As soon as I opened the car door, I got almost drenched, so I sat in the car for about  20 minutes until the worst had passed.

We decided to have a meal at one of the clubs.   Fortunately, the bistro was still operating, although we were told on arrival that the power supply (or computer link or something) to the pokies had been knocked out by a lightning strike!  There seem to be new, stricter rules about visitors at Canberra clubs (perhaps to go along with the decree that thou shalt not be given free plastic bags at supermarkets?), or maybe it's just the Tradies, but we negotiated our entry.   Later, when returning to our accommodation, all of the carpark and driveway lights were out and there was a firetruck at reception.   I was very apprehensive that the rooms may have also been blacked out but fortunately this wasn't the case so we were able watch the tennis to the background sound of gently falling rain.
Edit - I see that the Canberra storm made the news.

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  1. When four of us went to the Renaissance Ehibition I joined the Press Club as a country member (cheap) and then took the other 3 as my guests. I also had an inter-club introduction to the Commonwealth Club that we didn't use, partly because we found a brilliant restaurant.