Tuesday, 29 January 2013


The weather as we left Canberra was mild.    We had read that Bowral has a coffee culture and some interesting shops, so we diverted off the freeway to Bowral for a caffeine top-up and early lunch.  We ended up at a place called Palete Pleasure (yes, spelt that way), and it seems that we hit the right spot - at least according to popular vote.

In Bowral
In other words, it was crowded (was it just my imagination, or were we in with the horse-owning set?), and hence the service was, shall I say, ponderous.  But my BLT and Sue's lentil burger were worth the wait.

While we were waiting for our meals, the edge of ex-cyclone Oswald greeted us and the rain started.    Then, for the whole drive from Bowral to Leura (via Penrith), there was not a moment's let-up in the rain.    True, it varied from the torrential at times to merely heavy, but it was constant!   And when we went to bed - hours later - it was still raining. 

It's probably a good view from our room, but all we saw was rain
However the Fairmont Resort is very comfortable.  We briefly thought about venturing out for a meal, but decided that the casual dining option in the Fairmont - even if not bargain priced! - was a lot more attractive that trawling the local streets in the rain looking for somewhere to eat.

But the morning dawned clear with no rain and even some sunshine. The TV continues to be obsessed with the floods, and those affected have our sympathy, but we intend to get on with life!

No floods here in the mountains, so we watched on TV

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