Monday, 21 January 2013

Trust for Nature

The Sunday Age recently had a front page article on Trust for Nature's 30,000   hectare "Neds Corner" property (don't know where the apostrophe went).  TFN is a non-profit organisation which works to protect native animals and plants on private property (see here).  It does this both by encouraging private landowners to place conservation covenants on their land as well as itself buying and  preserving appropriate properties.  Properties bought by TFN are then, in some cases, on-sold to interested people with a conservation covenant attached.

This has always impressed me as a practical and apparently effective way of achieving a desirable outcome, even if TFN's work seems to have been fairly low-key (at least, until the Sunday Age's article).

Brother-in-law Rob has been involved in this, and has written about his family's bush properties   (reduced images at right, but downloadable  here).

Slaty Creek in 2009
We have visited Slaty Creek and were most impressed indeed with the work they're doing.  From the recent article, it seems to have come on well since 2009, when we were there.

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