Monday, 14 January 2013

Summer traffic

We left Lorne as the crowds were arriving for the "Pier-to-the-Pub" weekend.
Traffic banked up before New Year

The roads can get very congested indeed during the summer at coastal resorts, although it's a bit of a mystery to me where all the cars go!

Nevertheless, apart from the traffic,  in my limited experience, the towns seem to cope quite well with the influx of short-term visitors.  Only once couldn't we get a seat in our preferred café when we were looking for a coffee (what greater test can there be than that?)  In fact, except on the very busiest of days, there even seems to be parking available (even if a bit of a walk is required).

Of course, the area largely depends on tourism for its economic well-being, so it's not surprising that the facilities manage to cope, albeit that they are sometimes a little stretched. And even if you are in the car, with a bit of planning, there are routes to avoid the worst of the congestion.

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