Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Pier Restaurant

It doesn't look great as you approach, but the Pier Restaurant (Lorne) checks all the other boxes:   a nice atmosphere (inside), good food and reasonable service.  We've been there on a couple of occasions recently.  On the first occasion, it was a lovely evening, and not all requests to sit outside could be met.   However, we were happy to sit just inside with proper seats instead of benches, and to our minds, the view was just as good! On the second occasion, we reserved a table outside and that was good, too.   There were lots of staff who were competent and good-natured but even so, because the venue was busy, the staff were hard-pressed to keep up at times.

There's a good range of seafood (other options are also available), and we were impressed by the attractive appearance of a number of the dishes as they passed by us on the way to other diners.   I had the snapper on our first visit, and the blue eye on the second, both of which were excellent.    The deserts, too, were great.  As a bonus, you can BYO, but if you don't, the wine list includes a couple of local Bellarine wines.

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