Monday, 28 January 2013

The National Museum

I caught up with J for coffee at the National Museum, and we then spent some time looking around. It's an  interesting building, in a great location on the lake.

I've previously visited the museum (but apparently I didn't mention it on my blog at the time).  However, I thought the exhibits that I saw this time were more comprehensive.  On reflection, perhaps some areas were closed off last time I was there (perhaps exhibits were in the course of development?) 

The Museum's focus is obviously Australian history, and generally speaking I think it does this well.   It covers a great deal of ground, much too much to describe.    Yes, there's an indigenous theme in a number of the exhibits, but I don't think this is overdone.  In short, definitely worth a visit.

Introduced rabbits

The Saw Doctor's equipment

Reports of floods at Wagga in a previous era

Walter Burley and Marion Griffin


  1. Our friend Howard Raggatt was the architect, and was strongly criticised for the design in some quarters, though most of this was uninformed as it was either instructions in the brief or internal issues not in his domain. He has a mischievous sense of Christian humour, and worked Christian symbols such as the fish into the exterior. I once asked him what he thought of the columns outside 101 Collins St, and his take was that they were an architectural joke about commercial pretension.

  2. Yes, my friend J mentioned that there had been some controversy about the design. I'm no expert, but in my opinion the building works well.