Thursday, 13 March 2014

The auction scene

Some time back, we took a friend from interstate who was staying with us to a nearby Saturday morning house auction.  It was something a bit different for him, and he appeared to enjoy it.   The problem is, it becomes a bit addictive and, for me, attending local auctions on Saturdays is quite a regular occurrence.

I'm not the only one, it seems.  On a recent weekend, I exchanged views with another attendee about the Council valuation of the property concerned, and then at the next auction, got into quite a discussion about a couple of other sales that had occurred that day.  These views related to quite specific issues such as, "the auctioneer really ought to have put in the vendor bid to kick the auction off at a lower figure because he didn't get any momentum", and "it would have been better to put the property on the market rather to pass it in and rely on post-auction negotiations".  

Obviously mere by-standers such as us don't know all the facts (including "minor details" such as the vendor's instructions!), but after observing a few, the locals certainly develop opinions!

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