Monday, 3 March 2014

Security at the station

Our local station isn't exactly a hotbed of antisocial activity in the evenings.  It can be a bit quiet, which some people might find a little unsettling (this applies to the nearly streets, too) but I don't think it comes anywhere near to being thought of as a troublespot.  However, it isn't far from the boundary of a marginal electorate that the Government may struggle to retain in the next election (although its actual location is within a safe seat).

A lonely job?
Perhaps I'm cynical, but I wondered if this was a factor when it was announced that PSOs would be present at the station each evening?  Thanks to P for drawing this to my attention.

I went past to check, and, yes, there they were recently during the evening.

All quiet....

My opinion of the powers-that-be is still poor as a result of the massive downgrading of services during January.  There really does seem to be an issue about the appropriate prioritisation of resources.

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