Friday, 14 March 2014

Donna Leon

The local library was closed for a few weeks so that they could "renovate" it.  I'm not quite sure why this was required, because after it was all done, the service desk was smaller, the shelves had been changed around for no apparent reason and the seemingly functional carpet had been replaced.  But there you go....

To avoid the onset of "library deprivation", I took out a couple of Donna Leon Commissario Brunetti books.  I've read some of her work previously, and  knew these would be safe;  not too violent, so I could read them before going to sleep, and not too complex, which leaves me trying to pull all the loose ends together!
Beastly Things appealed to me.  A Question of Belief seemed to meander around a bit, but got to a conclusion in the end, although as is often the case in Leon's work, a few of the "baddies" ended up ducking under the radar and the fate of the primary villain (or in this case, there may have been two of them) was merely to be caught up in the vagaries of the Italian "justice" system for an indefinite period with an uncertain outcome.

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