Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kew - and being geographically footloose

I see that Tim Smith has won Liberal endorsement for the State lower house seat of Kew.  Hmm, until not so long ago, he was on the Stonnington council.  In fact, the that he is a former mayor of Stonnington is often mentioned as one of his credentials.  True, he did serve a term on the Council and he was mayor for one year during this time.  I think it's fair to say he is remembered as being reasonably effective and he was certainly high-profile.  He was (is) young and it was openly said of him that he had political ambitions.

But we read a little while back that Tim Smith has now been "locally active" in the Kew area and is president of the Canterbury branch of the Liberal party.

At Stonnington, he was a councillor for South Ward (Wikipedia still records this!).
Now, political ambitions are all very well, but most candidates in Stonnington find it necessary to assert a close interest in the local area.  I can't remember just what Tim Smith told us about his connection to the South Ward area, but Canterbury is quite some distance from Windsor, and no part of the Kew electorate is within kilometres of Stonningon's South Ward.  Perhaps geographic loyalty isn't all that it seems to be? [Edit] Or has he really moved house?

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