Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tasman Sea (again)

After leaving Fiordland, we had two sea days (three evenings) heading west towards Melbourne. The first night after leaving the New Zealand coast was a little bumpy, but after that things smoothed down.

Ready for the balloon drop
On board, the cruise line continued to serve up a variety of activities to amuse the passengers: a culinary demonstration and galley tour (large quantities of stainless steel), various bingo and card jackpots (I didn't take much notice), a passenger talent show and (separately) a performance by the passenger choir concert as well as the crew talent show. And of course there was the final gala dinner.
The passenger choir

We arrived in Melbourne on schedule, and are now waiting to disembark.   Like most other things on board, this is a highly organised procedure, with passengers being allocated a specific disembarkation time.    Most of the time slots are for passengers with "independent arrangements", which seems to confirm my impression that a large number of those travelling have been from Melbourne and nearby  - a market that Princess appear to have tapped into very successfully.

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