Sunday, 16 March 2014

Evening - Day 1

Well, we're still sufficiently close to the Victorian coast for my Vodafone wireless to connect.  We've become familiar with the ship, had a nice dinner and are settling in nicely.
I still think that 3 whole "sea days" before Auckland is going to be a bit of a trial, but we'll see.  I've got a few books to read, so perhaps that will keep me occupied.
Dinner was very satisfactory, although I was a little surprised that there was no early admission, so there was a bit of a rush when the doors opened.   The cruise line certainly has worked out how to feed 2000 people
The crew is indeed multicultural, with various Asian countries being well represented, but we've also encountered a couple of Serbs and the head waiter in the dining room is Ukrainian. 
The cabin, sorry, "stateroom", is fine.   The bathroom is compact, but adequate.   We went for "ocean-view" (that is, window, but no balcony), and is very satisfactory.  The window is much larger than I expected.
More comments to follow, but I feel I ought to post this while I still have an internet connection!

 [Photos added]

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