Monday, 10 March 2014


Years ago, we sometimes went for a walk around the Moomba fairgrounds and we have memories of these occasions as being relaxed and carefree.   We were always impressed by the rides, which of course we never went on, but seemed to involve amazing will-power and fortitude.

We had a spare Sunday afternoon, so impulsively we set out to  re-live the experience.

Well, the amazing rides are still there, as is the water skiing, but the crowds seemed much greater than in years past!    They weren't quite as bad as White Night, but that's not saying much, and the sun was out so it was hotter.   It just wasn't quite the same!

So after a short walk, we retreated to Southgate, where with a passably civilised coffee, we had a pleasant interlude, looking out over the river and engaging in a spot of people watching.

Child size ride!

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