Saturday, 1 March 2014

1st March: developments in the print media

The first day of March:   summer has officially ended and we're into autumn, The Age's Saturday and Sunday editions have joined the weekday editions in becoming tabloids and at the newsagent a new Saturday paper was on display, called The Saturday Paper.

Apparently the format of a newspaper is deeply symbolic for journalists, but I haven't quite grasped what the significance of the change at the Age is so far as mere readers are concerned.  Of course, in days past, you bought a tabloid at the newspaper stand at the station because it was easier to read in the train, but in this era of iPods and the absence of newsstands (and, dare I say, trains often so crowded that it's hard to read anything!), that's not a consideration. And, anyway, the Herald which you always read going home was broadsheet.   So I'm in a state of bemusement.

I had a pang of conscience after leaving the newsagent without buying The Saturday Paper.  The newsagent told me it came from the same stable as The Monthly, so that wasn't exactly a great recommendation.  But, maybe in the interests of supporting journalistic diversity, I ought to buy a copy just to try it out.........we'll see.  (Edit:  I see that the launch has attracted the attention of the ABC).

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