Saturday, 11 August 2012

Water works

Temporary water supply
I've previously mentioned the re-construction activities being undertaken in the street around the corner from us (see    These are continuing, but in addition it seems that the opportunity is being taken to replace the water main.  So, we have two sets of holes at different locations, and double the disruption!    I suppose it's a positive that these works are occurring at the same time (as I assume that different authorities are involved), thus overcoming the need to dig up the street for the water main just after the kerbs and drains are completed.  We'll be glad when it's all over.

Bits of the old water main

New water pipes

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  1. On the evening of our departure the Council started to replace the footpath in Mckean St and to our delight spent the day severing large elm and plane roots pointing to our house. However the trench filled with water not explicable by rain, eg they breached the main as well. So just as we wanted to take a last shower the water was turned off, presumably by the City West water least the Council called in the water works people.