Friday, 24 August 2012

Cape Schanck

It somehow seems a little odd to me that the price of RACV service membership seems to creep up a little each year (another increase has recently been announced).   I haven't done the calculations, but my hunch is that the cost of service membership in inflation-adjusted terms is much the same as it was years ago, notwithstanding that cars are much more reliable than they once were.   The fact that RACV had the funds available to be able to buy a resort at Noosa in the depths of the GFC (admittedly at a great price) seems to be consistent with my theory that there's a lot of cash in this organisation!   But as I've said, I haven't looked at the figures, so maybe it's all in my mind!

View from the room at Cape Schanck on a wintry day
Be that as it may, my response to this perceived state of affairs has been, if you can't beat them, then join them.  Hence, from time to time, we've taken advantage of the "member" rates at some of the RACV resorts.   At present, we're at the Cape Schanck resort for a couple of nights:  large, warm and comfortable rooms with a good view down the peninsula (while the cold wind blows outside), a nice breakfast, and an excuse to have lunch at a winery on the way down here (more about that later) as well as dinner at the Flinders Hotel (just down the road).
There's a bit of a walk to the clubhouse for breakfast!

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