Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The coffee shop

There's been a lot of work going on at the nearby shop, converting it from an old-style milk bar into a café.  I'm not sure that we actually need another coffee shop around here, but be that as it may, we went to check it out on the first day it was officially open (there had been a "private function" a couple of days earlier).   Nice atmosphere (trendy light fittings, faux wooden floors etc), quite good coffee, prices OK, minor lapse in the service but nothing serious (and it was just the first day).  And pretty busy.  I wondered about the busyness, as we hadn't noticed any conventional publicity.   I don't belong to Facebook (one reason being that their list of "suggested friends" seems to me to be highly intrusive), but you can get a glimpse into the Facebook world via the internet.  And yes, there the café was, with hundreds of "likes" by the end of their first day!  Obviously, effective use of the "social media" is the way to go when promoting this type of business!  

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