Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Portsea Pub

Is the Portsea pub going to be washed into the sea?   Last time we were down this way, we asked that question because there was noticeable erosion, but this time we saw that this expensive piece of real estate has been protected from the elements by massive sandbagging.

I'll stay well clear of the debate as to whether there was any connection between the channel dredging and the erosion!
There was a lot of wind on the day we were there, and the tide seemed very high (is that a spring tide?), with waves regularly washing across the lower level of the pier. 

The Sorrento/Queenscliff ferries seemed unaffected by the wind and waves.  From where we were, we couldn't see any noticeable tossing or whatever it's called - but perhaps the story on board may have been different!

As noted in an earlier post, we had coffee and cake in the pub.  Yes, it was a winter weekday, but even so, the place was pretty well deserted by the time we came to leave.

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