Thursday, 23 August 2012

Home maintenance

I'm aware that I have to clean the filters on the heating unit and the split system air-conditioner, and that it's a good idea to operate the pressure release valve on the hot water system occasionally.    But I have just learned that there's another item to add to the list:  the inlet filter on the rainwater tank.
We had the water tank installed a matter of weeks before the drought ended (not sure if this was entirely coincidental).   Hence, we haven't need to draw on it to any significant extent.

Be that as it may, I glanced in its direction, and noticed a thistle apparently growing at the top of the tank.  Closer inspection revealed that there's a filter at the inlet point.   It was completely clogged, so much so that there was ample muck for the roots of the thistle  I hadn't previously been aware that this filter existed, but now I know that it's there and needs to be cleaned out regularly.

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