Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sorrento and Portsea

We spent a day checking out Sorrento and Portsea.    Our forays down this way tend to be brief and not in the height of summer.    Nevertheless it's nice that nothing changes too dramatically.  Yes, there are incremental changes and each time we come there are a few differences but rarely anything too great (even though the cumulative effect, over the years, in not necessarily for the better, at least to our minds).

The day was marked by strong westerly winds, especially noticeable in exposed locations.   We could hardly stand up in the high car park at Portsea back beach, or on the Portsea pier (where, to add to the challenges, there was a particularly high tide, resulting in water being sprayed around).

Smiles, showing the deck - we ate inside!
Obviously such conditions called for sustenance!    We had a substantial breakfast at the resort, soup at the Sorrento back beach cafe ("Smiles") and coffee and cake at the Portsea pub.

Rough seas along the back beach at Sorrento and Portsea

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  1. Last time we in the neighbourhood we took the ferry across the bay from Queenscliff. I wonder what the trip might have been like yesterday!