Monday, 27 August 2012

Returning home

View from Chapman's Lookout (Arthur's Seat)
We meandered home from Cape Schanck.     This involved a stop to buy a new computer (more about that later!) before driving up to Arthur's Seat (I had forgotten how good the view was) and then setting about locating a winery for a light lunch.

To my surprise, the task of finding something light to eat was rather a challenge.    Our first choice was Port Philip Estate/Kooyong.  We had never been there, but the tourist information suggests that it is a "must see". Certainly the architecture is, for want of a better word, "impressive".    However, even though there's a bistro there, as well as a more formal dining area, the menu didn't appeal and there wasn't much by way of casual options.

Darling Park winery
  So we back-tracked a couple of hundred metres to Darling Park, which is a small intimate winery, with a good range of casual eating options - but we arrived at the same time as a pre-booked function and they were short-staffed.  So we took it in good grace (we were glad that they were honest with us instead of trying to squeeze us in perhaps to the dissatisfaction of all concerned).

Stillwater restaurant
Our last resort was going to be the Mornington Pier, but on the way we passed Crittendon Estate.   No harm in looking, we thought, and drove in.   Our initial impression of Stillwater Restaurant was of white tablecloths, and we were inclined to move on.   But before doing so, we had a quick around the tasting area and shop....well, suffice to say, one thing led to another,the shiraz on offer (although not local) was nice and being assured that the restaurant indeed provided a tasting plate option, we were duly seated near the window with an outlook over the "lake" (big dam?) and the ducks.    Looking at the menu, while the tasting plate certainly appealed, so did the vegetarian rotolo pasta dish and duck cassoulet!    So we had a very satisfactory lunch, even if our good intentions of a light lunch were put aside!

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  1. Quick tip that you may already know about new computer: windows 7 has a transfer data option inbuilt if you have a data transfer cable (about $35 if you don't.) Faster and more thorough than selective backup restores, but check for completeness when done.