Thursday, 16 August 2012


We headed to SugarReef in Fitzroy St with Cath.   This area is her territory, not ours, but we're flexible!     The room is stylish, the tapas were good, and the burgers were fine, but the nasi goreng was really, really spicy hot!    We queried this, but were told, that's the way the chef does it. We accept that  there are no hard and fast rules for nasi goreng and it was described on the menu as "spicy", but even so were a bit taken aback by just how hot it was.
The service was attentive, and the wine list had some reasonably priced options.  Outside, Fitzroy Street seemed pretty subdued for a Friday night, but it was a chilly winter's evening.
The restaurant promotes itself as "overlooking the beautiful Catani Gardens".  Well, maybe, but these days there's a platform tramstop right outside, between the restaurant and the gardens which means that there isn't much of a view.

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