Monday, 15 July 2013

To Broadbeach

We're on the Gold Coast for a few days. Domestic air travel always seems to be a hassle these days, or is it just that we travel at the wrong times? Of course, we checked in on-line, but it seems that we hit the Virgin “baggage drop” queue just when it was longest. I thought we had allowed plenty of time, but when – after 25 minutes – we were just about at the counter, those on our flight were pulled out of the line and sent to a special counter. It makes you wonder, doesn't it, why bother waiting in the queue.....just arrive a few minutes before the cut-off time, and be directed to the head of the line?
Apart from the queue issue at the airport, and negotiating the roadworks for the new light rail at Broadbeach, everything went satisfactorily and we've established ourselves in a pleasant apartment complete with “canal” views. We don't see the beach, but it's within walking distance. Just for the record, the casino is even closer, and Pacific Fair isn't too far away.

Broadbeach at dusk
I'm not sure how we're going to fill in our time here. A lot of the attractions are obviously aimed at the “young families” market (there are 34 McDonalds stores listed on the freebie map of the area). However, there are certainly a lot of other restaurants in the Broadbeach area, so it doesn't look as though we'll go hungry!

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