Saturday, 13 July 2013

Rates of Exchange

We'll be overseas later in the year, and we'll need to have some euros in cash.  It would have been better to have bought them a couple of months back, but I didn't, so I'm accumulating a few now just in case the Australian dollar falls even further.   Walking around the city, I noticed the following rates (to sell currency notes) on offer:
  • Bank C - 0.6566 (and a fee?   Not sure).  This is also the rate used to upload funds on to their "Travel Money Card" product --- but plus another 1% (capped at $15).
  • Bank A - 0.6635 (note sure if there's a fee in addition, this was the ATM rate)
  • Bank B of M - 0.6641 (this was later in the day)
  • Booth in Elizabeth St - 0.6729 (no fee)
  • Travelex - 0.65 (plus a fee!)
  • Booth in Flinders Lane - 0.6847 (no fee).

On a purchase of €200, that's a difference of something over $15 (plus any fee) between the highest and lowest.  I reckon it's worth walking around the corner for that!


  1. Do want have access to mobile phone? I recently bought a single country sim from mobi
    Then to my astonishment I received a 180 country sim gratis, with a UK (44) number, from Rail Europe. The originator is very coy, and it sounds to be too good to be true- I'm only investigating because of the source of receipt; but this seems to be one of its websites:
    Perhaps the days of the great telco roaming ripoff are coming to an end.

  2. Ah, mobile phones....we're not big users of voice overseas, but I do like to have internet access for my notebook. I usually get by on the wi fi that many (but not all) hotels provide.