Thursday, 4 July 2013

Good Cafe Guide (2)

Perhaps I blogged too soon!   I mused on the need for the Good Cafe Guide;  does anyone actually use it as a reference, or is it just an interesting read?

We were in the Beatty Avenue precinct and were wondering where we ought to have our coffee.  There are several possibilities down that way, but we've mostly patronised just a couple of them.  I then remembered that at the far end of the Beatty Avenue strip (a little removed from the main part) was Treat, and that it had been written up in Good Cafe Guide.   Because of this, we thought, we'll try it out instead of one of the establishments that we generally patronise (one of which is, in fact, also in the Guide).
Coffee is served through the window or you can sit inside

I couldn't recall the substance of the review, but on re-reading it when we got home, it was reasonably in line with our experience.  We liked the coffee and cake, but we passed on the "detox salad".

So, yes, Good Cafe Guide does in fact influence behaviour after all!

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