Friday, 5 July 2013

Around Australia

I went to a computer group meeting recently where the speaker was a person who had ridden his bicycle 17,000 kms around Australia - and had kept in touch with his students over the internet as well as used a range of other rather sophisticated (to my mind) computer applications from very remote locations.   However, it seems a publicly-accessible blog wasn't high on his list!

Amongst other interesting tidbits of information I picked up - apart from the strong resolution never to do anything remotely like this myself - was that, if you do decide to ride around Australia, you do it anti-clockwise.   It's well known that this is because you'll have the wind behind you as you cross the Nullarbor.   But the speaker had an additional reason:  because you're on the left hand side of the road, he reckoned it's 16 km shorter in that direction!

On a somewhat related note, another former colleague and her husband, with their three children, are currently getting to the end of an extensive outback tour, although in their case they're using a Prado and camper trailer.   They have maintained an impressive and regular blog.

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