Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Recorder Competition

The local Church was the venue for the finals of the Solo Recorder Competition.  I dropped in for a while and was very impressed by the high standard.    Now, as is well known, I am no musician, so perhaps I'm easily impressed, but I don't think I was the only one who thought the standard was very high.

I wonder if the recorder is a little under-rated?   For many of us, our main knowledge of it probably derives from the time we had a short introduction to it while at school.  However, from what I heard, it is quite a versatile instrument.

The commitment of the three finalists, too, was noteworthy.   One is completing his Masters at the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, another is about to move to London to undertake her Masters there and the other is in the final year of a Masters of Music Performance in Sydney.

I didn't hear any of the under 18s, but they also all had impressive credentials.

Footnote:   Although the competition was described as for the "solo" recorder, apparently that means only one recorder, as one of the pieces was accompanied. 

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