Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tamborine Mountain

Because our booking was in two components – one being “time share” (a gift - thanks, V!) and the other being direct with the resort (which we arranged to supplement the gift), a physical room change was required. Odd, but that's the way it is. At least we got a fresh set of towels!  So we're now in a different room. It's even more spacious than the resort room that we had, but the outlook is “courtyard” view (no real problems with that) and.....err....there's no door on the bathroom. We'll live with the latter (there is a door between the bedroom/bathroom area and the living area), but I just don't “get” what designers are thinking of when they come up with ideas such as this for accommodation that's used by a transient population. Sure, there may be people out there who go in for this type of arrangement, but surely it would be better to provide a door and let those who so desire leave it open?

Rain forest
We took a drive up the mountain to Tamborine in the afternoon. All a bit over-rated, we thought. We took one look at the “Gallery Walk”(a shopping strip!) and moved on, leaving it to the captive tour groups. However, we did the MacDonald rain forest circuit, which was good. Lots of dense sub-tropical rain forest, complete with muddy paths. Shortly after we completed the circuit, there was an extremely heavy shower. We were very glad not to have encountered this while in the forest, but unfortunately it dampened the idea of finding the lookout (although we had seen some great views on the way up).
We ran into heavy peak hour traffic on the way back. We were glad of our GPS – but for some reason we took a wrong turn. I'm sure that I followed the whether we were misdirected or whether I mis-heard remains an open question! And it certainly missed a turn close to our destination, but which I made anyway because I was sufficiently familiar with the area to know what had to be done.   So, even with the GPS, there's still room for human initiative - at least until the next generation of these devices arrives!

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