Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Great Gatsby

I always associate the The Great Gatsby movie which came out in 1974 with 20s style music.  However, the latest version of movie has definitely moved on!    In this production, the flamboyant 1920s party scenes, by way of the director's effort to demonstrate the excesses of the period, come close to creating an over-the-top visual and acoustic overload.  Likewise, the car scenes take on the thunderous intensity of a Grand Prix (including the crossings on the Queensboro Bridge).  Gatsby's repetitious use of the expression, "Old chap" is in the same vein (even if it is authentic, having regard to the book, which I haven't checked).  Even the "valley of ashes" is portrayed in a larger-than life way.  Incidentally, I see that the Flushing Meadows tennis complex (where US Open tennis is played) was later built in this area!
Cashing in on the style?   In a local shop window

Just the same, I found the latest movie fascinating and absorbing!

I read one review which stated, "Perhaps it's telling of the strength of the source material and cast that the human element shines through despite [director] Luhrmann's excesses."    I think this sums it up well.

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  1. A bit deterred by the review in the New Yorker:

    "Luhrmann’s vulgarity is designed to win over the young audience, and it suggests that he’s less a filmmaker than a music-video director with endless resources and a stunning absence of taste."