Saturday, 8 June 2013

Shopping Centre works

Target moved out of the local shopping centre at the end of last December, which didn't please some of the locals.    DJs haven't yet opened in the space.   No doubt a different demographic will be pleased when that occurs.   

In the meantime, the owners (AMP) are taking advantage of the limbo time to undertake a whole lot of renovations to the travelators and the facade.   These works seem to have been dragging on for weeks, especially the travelators.  There's a sign explaining that the travelators have been in service for many years and need to be re-built.   This seems understandable, but just what was wrong with the facade eludes me

It's all pretty annoying, and must be impacting on the smaller businesses (no doubt Woolworths have done a deal of some sort with AMP).


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