Thursday, 13 June 2013

Eating in the Dandenongs

On our recent excursion to the Dandenongs, there was a lot of traffic on the main tourist road - and no chance at all of parking in the main towns.    So, we headed down towards Monbulk.  No only was the road quieter, but we passed Seasons restaurant.    This is quite stylish, and we've previously eaten there.   Recalling that we had enjoyed that occasion, we called in.   But, without a booking, on a public holiday?   No way!    
However, all was not lost.  It seems that gourmet pies are "in" in this part of the world!   Down the road at Monbulk,  I'm not sure how many establishments offer gourmet pies, but we headed into the Wickedly establishment.  The pastry chef here is certainly prolific:  there were many pies, cakes and such like to choose from.  I was content with a curry chicken pie, and passed on the cakes.

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