Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Life with Windows 8

I am gradually adjusting to life with Windows 8 ....but I still don't like it.  Let's just say, I tolerate it. My latest issue was that I was unable to print from the Windows 8 computer.    Our printer is attached to one of the other computers on the home network, with the other computers being able to use it so long as the host computer is on (even though the printer isn't a network printer, it's set up for sharing).

Initially, the Windows 8 computer seemed to be able to use the printer...but then things stopped and I kept getting error messages.   I googled for solutions and took the obvious steps, such as making sure the drivers were no avail.

A bit more googling, and lo, what seemed to be a viable solution emerged.   In essence, this required me manually to re-install the printer.   I carefully followed the steps, but at first to no avail, because I had mis-typed the path (some things never change, it has always been thus, make a mistake when typing in a path, and there is no forgiveness!)
But, this being corrected, eureka....I was able to print over the network.

It took a little while and some frustrating moments, but at least the issue is sorted.   Now if only I could sort out my smaller but still annoying issues with Windows 8 ........ aspects of the interface aren't great for conventional computers (even after tweaking), it seems to be fickle as to which usb devices it will accept (in fairness, may be a hardware issue), some software struggles with it (Gimp, for example), the list goes on......

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