Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Age's readership

An article in the Sunday Age a little while back referred to a survey of bicycle accidents.  Since it relied on self-selected responses, it's conceivable that there may be issues regarding how representative the survey was.    But I was fascinated by the paragraph that read -
"The accidents in both data sets tended to be in Melbourne's inner north.  It is not known whether those in the reader-generated set come from that area because of higher cycling rates, higher accident rates, or a bias of Age readers likely to live in the area".  (Underlining added)

Hmmm, is not this area is Mr Brandt's heartland?   Interesting that the Age goes a little way towards suggesting that there may be an element of correlation between its readership and Mr B's supporter base!

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  1. In today's Age a reader "went into a northern suburbs newsagency and couldn't find the newspapers. Sign of the times?"