Monday, 10 June 2013

Bundoora Park

We were out that side of Melbourne and realised that we were not far from Bundoora Park.  I was vaguely awareness of its existence, but had never been there.  The area has a bit of history (at one stage, it was the Victoria Police stud and stables and later it was the location of a psychiatric hospital), but it has now been developed into what is described as Melbourne's "most diverse park".    Indeed, it seems to have something for everyone:   wetlands, open spaces, picnic areas, a golf course, a wildlife reserve, an "urban farm" and a "heritage village".    The last 3 areas require an admission fee, but as it was getting on in the day and there was a need for a coffee and then a walk to the Bundoora Homestead to be undertaken, we saved the enclosed areas for another day.

Bundoora Homestead
I don't think Bundoora Homestead is actually part of the park, but it is adjacent to it.  The homestead is apparently administered by La Trobe University, whereas the park is administered by the local council.    The sign at the Homestead stated that it was supposed to be open at the time we visited, but it wasn't!   

By the time we'd walked to the Homestead and looked around the exterior and returned, it was nearly dark.   So a return visit is called for, because there's a lot we didn't see.

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