Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Buying plants in the Dandenongs

There were a couple of gaps in the garden, so we headed off on the Monday of the long weekend to see if we could find anything suitable.    I admit that sometimes we go to the mega-nursery down the road or even to Bunnings, but this time we thought that we ought to combine it with a trip to the Dandenongs.   Things were pretty crowded:  it seems that that we weren't the only people who thought an outing to the Dandenongs was a good way to spend the day! 

Just the last remnants of colour
The last of the autumn colour was still visible, and off the main tourist trail, we found a place to eat, as well as a nearly adjoining plant nursery.   Loaded with more plants than we intended, we stopped for a walk at Grants reserve in Sherbrooke forest.  There were lots of people in the vicinity of the carpark, but surprisingly few on the walking trails.

Walking in Sherbrooke forest

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