Monday, 18 March 2013

The Multicultural Gala Dinner

We attended the "Premier's Gala Dinner" to mark Cultural Diversity Week.   It was at the Palladium, with a capacity attendance of 1400 (and there were another 400 on the waiting list, we were told).   A diverse range of ethnic groups was certainly represented.

Although the atmosphere at the Palladium can hardly be described as "intimate"(!), the evening went very well:   the entertainment was really good, the speeches, including from the (new) Premier and the Leader of the Opposition, weren't too long (although they were mainly concerned with "covering the bases" rather than being examples of great speechcraft!) and the catering was fine.

A little off the topic, but perhaps of interest.  We were warned that parking would be limited, but by arriving in good time, we had no difficulties.   But when leaving, one of the other attendees inserted a $50 note to pay the $15 parking fee.  Yes, the change was entirely in $2 and $1 coins.  It sounded as though he had won a jackpot at the pokies! I'm not sure whether this was because the machine only gives change in coins, or because the note dispenser was out of action.

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