Monday, 11 March 2013

Power outage (2)

The morning after our power outage, there was a big team at work digging holes at the end of the street.  It seems the cause of our outage the previous day was that a major underground cable had "blown up".  The theory is that water from the nearby water main had leaked into the cable, and apparently the result had been quite a large failure.   I was told that a number of shops and banks were without power for a while.

In the circumstances, it seems that CitiPower's ability to restore supplies within 1¼ hours wasn't a bad effort.

A pathway through the trees for the wires

I hadn't realised that we had underground cables around here, because there seem to be a lot of  overhead wires going in all directions!  The fact that we're not far from what appears to be some sort of terminal may have something to do with it.
And there are cables underground as well!

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