Thursday, 7 March 2013


We had been out to a pleasant dinner and happened to turn the TV on when we got home (something that we often don't do).   There it was - Ted Baillieu had resigned!

Very surprising.   Obviously even the media had also been taken by surprise, given that one of the interviewees on the ABC was Jon Faine.  Of course, we've got used to journos interviewing other journos (or whatever, is Faine actually a journalist?) to create "news", but this did seem to suggest that the ABC had had to scratch around to find someone to interview (although they did also have Peter Reith).

My personal take on all this is that Ted is really "too nice" for modern politics.

This, of course, says a lot about politics, and the pressures placed on those in the public eye by the media.    However, I suppose we're unlikely to return to the more relaxed days of a past era when Prime Ministers travelled to Canberra by train (apparently John Curtin travelled between Perth and Canberra this way, playing bridge to pass the time!)

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