Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A (couple of) day(s) in the life of a computer user.....

Most of the time, my home network works fine.  I have a faint memory of setting it up, and that there were a few hassles.  But the pain fades.....

Well, it did until a recent weekend.    Shortly stated, I was trying to add another folder (photos from the new camera, actually) to the list of folders on one computer that were available to be shared by the other computers on the network.

Try as I might, I kept getting "access denied" messages.   Of course, there are many reasons why this unhelpful message might appear, and over the course of a couple of days, I googled the problem, and came across various sites (including the Microsoft site) that offered a variety of solutions.  Each time, after spending a little time on the issue without getting anywhere,  I put the problem to one side and got on with other things.
Finally, late at night, I thought, "one more try".   Googling once again, using yet another search string, I came across yet another forum, with a now-familiar explanation of what was needed, but including in one particular step a clearer explanation than I had previously encountered as to what needed to be done.  And, YES, 30 seconds later, I was up and running.  It wasn't that I had not been aware of the necessary step, but somehow the exact action to be taken had nowhere been spelled out.  It wasn't the sort of thing you'd do intuitively, and I am reasonably certain that it had not been necessary when I originally set the network up (I can't explain this).

Moral of the story:  there's still an element of the "dark arts" in the computing world, and just because you come across a "solution" as a result of a google search doesn't mean that all is solved!

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