Friday, 22 March 2013

So .... what was that all about?

I was at home during the afternoon when the latest leadership issue within the Labor Party was occurring.  In spite of knowing that nothing was to happen until the caucus meeting at 4.30, I turned the TV on to the news channel.    Isn't amazing how you can be drawn into the issue?

The media at work
A lot of the coverage in the lead up to the vote was journalists interviewing other journalists, recapitulating as to what had happened and speculating on what might happen.  But really the only news was that the clock was ticking.  It was like watching paint dry!
And the outcome - no change!

 I did my best to keep out of range of the TV, by doing some trimming in the garden and working on some minutes on the computer - but I still found myself drifting past the TV intermittently!    And then the whole issue fizzled out!    I promised myself that "next time" I'd be more disciplined and use my time more productively!

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  1. The fizz is that this may prove to be the biggest ALP thing since Santamaria, Keon and Mullens. No DLP, but the heart has been torn our of senior ranks.
    There was a Uni song ( in the days of Uni Songbooks) of Doc Evatt to the tune of Waltzing Matilda that chorussed:
    Santamaria, Santamaria
    Keon and Mullens disloyal to me
    And he sang as he shouted at the witness box...
    Labor must have solidarity