Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Power outage (3)

I was talking on the phone, and the line went dead (or, rather, the base station for the cordless handset did).    So did everything else electrical.   Another power outage!    Two in the space of a week!   The now-expected SMS message notifying us that the power was off followed a few minutes later.

When I later made contact with the person with whom I'd been speaking, he told me that the outage had also affected him, a couple of suburbs away.

I don’t knew the cause, although there were a few sirens in the distance.  Perhaps there had been a some sort of mishap between a vehicle and a power pole?

 I notice that the CitiPower website "helpfully" lists outages.  I suppose this is useful if you have a mobile device, but for those of us dependent on a powered modem, it doesn't really help.  By the time the power was restored and I looked at the site, the only possible outage was listed as "cause unknown"!  I see that this page also allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to the SMS service.  I remain of the view that I've never asked CitiPower to notify me, but I have decided that it is a convenient service, so I don't intend to opt out.
[Edit - minor corrections]

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