Monday, 1 October 2012

After the Grand Final

Well, it was a see-sawing game, and could have gone the Hawks' way if a couple of  "if onlys" had occurred!   But that's football, and history tells us that it went to Sydney, so well done Sydney.

I hadn't noticed it before the match (although presumably it was there!), but even though there weren't a lot of displays of team colours around (unlike when Collingwood played), there's one house in the neighbourhood which was very open in its declaration of allegiance to the Swans on Sunday.

We watched the match on TV, but one friend says she loves Grand Final day because it's a great afternoon to go shopping - there's no-one about.  And the real estate industry has a quiet day. I'm not sure whether this is based on actual evidence that buyers won't turn out for auctions even on the morning of GF day, or whether the quietness suits the industry.

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