Saturday, 27 October 2012


A number of us travelled to Greensborough for Norma's funeral.   We had some inkling of her life, but learned a lot more during the service which was carefully planned to let those present see the overall picture.  Norma was a ward of the state from an early age and had a very tough time in unsuitable foster homes as a child, although she finally made it into a more caring environment.    A friend from that time was present, as was another from one of her first jobs.    She then gained work with an extremely supportive family who treated her as a member of their family for over 50 years, right up to the time she died.  It was not until quite late in her life that she had contact with her brother.

Living Faith Church, Greensborough
She was a conscientious attender at Armadale Uniting until just a few months ago, when she transferred to different accommodation, which was closer to the Greensborough church.  Her Church was important to her, as I found out when driving her most weeks in the last few years (after taking over from another Church member who had driven her for years).   

She was an enthusiastic and able knitter, until her extremely severe gout made this impossible for her.

It was a privilege to know Norma and to realise that she, like others of her generation,  endured some tough times.

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