Friday, 5 October 2012

That helpful person from Microsoft

I was interested in the report that action had been taken against the "helpful person from Microsoft" scam.  There have been several reports, such as

Well, perhaps this action occurred after the call I received earlier this week from a gentleman (possibly from the sub-continent) stating that he was from Microsoft and was available to help clean up my computer!   Some weeks, we've received 2 or 3 calls from this scam.  If the calls do indeed stop, that will be good, but I can't help thinking that there may be other people who are inclined to operate a scam such as this, and the fact that one operator has possibly been hampered in its operations is unlikely to restrict the others!  They're unlikely to be respectful of the "rights" of the the original developer!  I think they're more likely to take the view that there's less competition. However, we can but hope and we shall see!

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