Wednesday, 24 October 2012

125th anniversary at Queens

We went to the dinner commemorating the 125th anniversary of the founding of Queens College.    There were 450 people in attendance, and I'm told that there was big waiting list as well.    It was a fun occasion, catching up with a few people, some of whom we hadn't seen for years.  The weather was kind, and drinks beforehand were in the courtyard (not sure what "Plan B" would have been had it rained!), the speeches were fine (including a good one by Professor Geoffrey Blainey) and even the food was OK (seemingly a challenge, given the large number present).

It certainly seemed that a number of recent graduates quickly reverted to at least one student tradition (spoon banging) once in Eakins Hall - and were joined even by a number of people who are now eminent in their chosen fields!   
Cake with Wyvern

There was an afterparty, but the hour was too late for us to get to it.   But there was no singing.  In hindsight, I realise that there doesn't appear to be a Queens song.  In our time, we had one, but perhaps it's fallen by the wayside (could it have been deemed inappropriate?)


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