Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Grand Final

I can't allow this weekend to pass without mentioning the football!  We're not passionate football supporters - at least, in comparison with many others - but even we were sitting on the edge of our seats when Hawthorn scraped home in their Preliminary Final.  And I guess we'll watch the Grand Final on the TV.

Looking at the images on the internet, it seems things were a bit damp at times during the Grand Final parade.   Nevertheless, it's impressive that the crowds were still there.

They're Hawks at the newsagent!
Around here, when Collingwood were playing in the GF, there were a number of  houses with black-and-white displays, but Hawks supporters (and Swans, if there are any) don't seem to feel the same need to publicise their loyalty. Perhaps that says something about the nature of Magpie fans?  However, a couple of the shops have invested in some balloons!
Thomas Dux tries to have it both ways

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