Monday, 24 September 2012

Places not to visit?

I recently mentioned a book called 101 Places Not to Visit (see  The book doesn't purport to be a comprehensive list of every place in the world that's not worth visiting, of course, but it could perhaps be expanded to 102 places with the addition of Tobolsk.   

Iva at a remote location
What, you may well ask, has brought this place to my attention?   Well, my one-time colleague Iva has just been there!   See

Perhaps if Tobolsk were located closer to civilisation it might be worth dropping in on, but seemingly it's a 10 hour overnight journey by train north of Yekaterinburg (which, although remote itself, is at least on the trans-Siberian railway).  And then 10 hours back!

At the time of this post. I am waiting with great interest for other instalments of Iva's travel journal, but  they seem to be still on the way!

I don't have any pictures from Tobolsk, so I have had to compromise with an image of a ger camp, in Terelj (Mongolia).  Would you believe that this is actually a lodging place for tourist groups?

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