Thursday, 20 September 2012

Google acquires Frommers

I was interested in the news - a little while back, I admit - that Google have acquired the Frommer's travel-guide business:  see, for example,

Given that Google started its existence as a "no frills" search engine, I wonder just what is intended here.  There's a comment that they plan to integrate it into Zagat.   I had never heard of Zagat, but perhaps that's not surprising because it doesn't seem to cover Australia.  However, my assumption is that is, or is destined to be, an on-line review/advisory site.   There seems to be money in this area, especially where travel is concerned.   Apparently both TripAdvisor and Expedia  are listed entities in the US.  In fact, Wikipedia states that TripAdvisor was spun off from Expedia in a public offering in December 2011.  Perhaps Google wants to get in on the act!

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  1. In May this year Google announced that it would be bringing Zagat to Sydney with Melbourne to follow. The announcement did not specify what charges will be involved but the US Zagat guide charges $US24.95 a year for online access.

    I think that I'll stick to the free Eatability and Urbanspoon reviews.